A platform for creating and playing outdoor mini games

Create and play geolocation based games such as quiz walks, treasure hunts and more. Compete against other in multiplayer mode.

Outdoor gaming

Explore the real world while doing quests.

Join our official games created by the game developer or join games made by the community. With geoquestr's flexible google maps powered mapping tools, you can create your own outdoor mini games. Create with your phone, tablet or computer. Then share it with the community and get rated.

App screenshot
🌍 Explore.
Go outside and play a mini game, created by other players in your neighbourhood. Your city is the playground!
Complete Quests.
Walk to the stations scattered around the map, to complete different quests such as Quiz walks, pub crawls or workout sessions.
🏆 Compete with Others.
You can compete against your friends and family in multiplayer, up to 100 players per map. How to win will be decided by the map creator.